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  • τRAMD tutorial

    This tutorial guides the user through the process of setting up and running RAMD simulations for estimation of the relative residence time (τ) of a protein-small molecule complex using the GROMACS software. The procedure is demonstrated for a complex of a low molecular weight compound with the N-terminal domain of the heat shock protein, HSP90.

    Modelling and simulation
  • Course in Neuroscience data integration

    This course contains an introduction to currently available reference atlases for mouse and rat brain. It will demonstrate how the 3D brain templates for the reference atlases are acquired, how they are used as a basis for delineating the structures of the brain, how they can be enriched by other data modalities, and how they can be used as a basis for assigning location (coordinate based or semantic) to a wide range of structural and functional data collected from the brain.

    Brain atlases

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