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Terms and policies

The use of the EBRAINS website, its tools, services and data is subject to the terms and policies listed here under.

General Terms of Use

These terms detail the legal responsibilities of EBRAINS and you as a user accessing EBRAINS with or without an account. The use of and the services provided implies your agreement to abide by these terms of use. Additional terms of use may apply to the use of specific services.

Access Policy

EBRAINS services and resources are available for legitimate purposes, to users both registered or not. Users may register for an account using their institutional email address.

Privacy Statement

EBRAINS is committed to the safe, transparent and confidential collection and processing of your personal data.


EBRAINS documents the list of cookies and other similar technology used on this website.

Data Use Agreement

The agreement identifies your legal responsibilities when accessing pseudonymised human data. You must not share the data, and not attempt to identify the data subjects. Failure to comply with the agreement will result to termination of access.

Data Provision Protocol

EBRAINS Data Provision Protocol (DPP) details the requirements and recommendations for Data Providers wishing to share Data or metadata via EBRAINS. Part 1 describes the ethical and legal requirements to be aware of before approaching EBRAINS for data curation. Part 2 provides detailed information on the technical requirements and recommendations necessary for data curation.

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