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Science and technology21 Feb 2022

Brain simulation as a cloud service

Brain simulation as a cloud service

TVB on EBRAINS cloud services.

Scientific progress increasingly depends on complex digital workflows which are not always easy to replicate. This poses a problem for researchers who may struggle to independently reproduce the results generated by these workflows if they are unable to identify the data and the steps involved.

The EBRAINS research infrastructure offers a solution. It provides data, tools, and workflows for collaborative brain research within a protected environment that promotes reproducible work.

Now, the research infrastructure is offering cloud services for brain simulation to its users through The Virtual Brain (TVB), an open-source software for simulating and analyzing brain network models. The cloud services make it easier for researchers to collaborate online, as well as find the data, software, and steps involved in TVB workflows.

TVB has been designed to be accessible and simple to use. The software can be used in an internet browser (no installation is necessary) on any operating system. The graphical user interface on EBRAINS makes it easy to get started.

TVB can also be used as a Python library for programming in the EBRAINS Lab. With these interfaces, users can upload brain network models, run simulations, and export results.

Technical and organisational measures to safeguard personal data are implemented into all the services offered on the EBRAINS cloud, including TVB. This allows researchers to effortlessly demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations.

Furthermore, TVB on the EBRAINS ecosystem can be transferred to other cloud environments within the European Open Science Cloud or beyond. Thus, it serves as a reference architecture for secure processing and simulation of neuroscience data in the cloud.

“EBRAINS is an accelerator for European ambitions in multidisciplinary brain research, combining cutting-edge neuroscience, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence. We are determined to provide the best tools and online services for scientists to find, analyze, distribute, visualize, and integrate brain data for their research. The Virtual Brain is an essential part of this offering, and we are committed to continuing to support its development and adoption.”

Paweł Świeboda

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