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Event08 Dec 2022

EBRAINS at ‘The Future of Brain Health: Clinically Informed and Patient-Centered Brain Research’ event

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Image: European Academy of Neurology

Świeboda was joined on the panel by Orla Galvin (European Federation of Neurological Associations), Wolfgang H. Oertel (European Brain Council), and Frances Catherine-Quevenco (Women’s Brain Project). Jacqui Thornton moderated the panel.

Ondřej Knotek, a Member of the European Parliament, welcomed participants to the meeting. He emphasized: “It is now time to invest in brain health.”

He was followed by Robert Joyce, Embedded Patient Researcher, University of Galway, who gave an address, 'Patient Inclusion in Neurological Research.' "Research has to include patients in the entire process,” he said. “Let's set the research question together and how we can work to find solutions (...) And then let's do it again."

Prof. Paul Boon, President of the European Academy of Neurology, then gave a presentation, 'Addressing the Burden of Neurological Disorders in Europe through research.' He stressed: "The reason for policies' existence is the patient, and we should never forget that - that's the most essential thing."

‘The Future of Brain Research in Europe: Key Priorities and How They Can Be Addressed’ panel discussed what resonated with them from the previous talks, why neurological research should be placed higher on the policy agenda, and the importance of including patients in research projects. They also shared what they thought were the main opportunities for advancement in neurological research and what they hoped the landscape would look like in 10 years' time.

“Good health is brain health - the concluding line of the conference today sums it all up”, said EBRAINS CEO Paweł Świeboda. “This has been a year of alignment on research and policy priorities across the community with kudos to the European Brain Council, the European Federation of Neurological Associations, the Women’s Brain Project, and others.”

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