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News22 Feb 2023

FLAG-ERA Joint Transnational Call 2023 – Pre-Announcement

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FLAG-ERA (the Flagship ERA-NET) will publish in March 2023 at and other sources of information its fifth Joint Transnational Call for collaborative research projects in synergy with the two large-scale European initiatives: Graphene Flagship and Human Brain Project – EBRAINS.

The sub-call related to HBP/EBRAINS focuses on “Preclinical and clinical neuroscience research through data reuse”.

It targets research proposals using cross dataset analysis as well as the development of robust modelling and simulations to address ambitious and novel research objectives. Proposals should be primarily based on pooling, harmonisation, transformation and/or reanalysis of existing research datasets or a combination of them.

Information regarding timeline, tentative list of participating funding organisations, and further information regarding the pre-announcement can be found on the FLAG-ERA website.

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