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News18 Aug 2023

New Management Board appointed


As part of this transition, the EBRAINS Board of Directors (BoD) has now appointed the new Management Board of the EBRAINS AISBL.

The members of the new Management Board are:

  1. Katrin Amunts
  2. Philippe Vernier
  3. Jan Bjaalie
  4. Yannis Ioannidis
  5. Viktor Jirsa
  6. Francesco Pavone
  7. Juan Sanchez

Katrin Amunts and Philippe Vernier are joint Chief Executive Officers of the EBRAINS AISBL (CEOs).

The BoD thanks the new Management Board members for accepting their appointments and the outgoing Management Board for their role in the success of the HBP and the launch of EBRAINS.

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