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Science and technology13 Apr 2023

New Unified Mouse atlas from the KIM lab is now available in the EBRAINS QuickNII image registration tool

New Unified Mouse atlas from the KIM lab is now available in the EBRAINS QuickNII image registration tool

Aligning experimental image data to an atlas is important for allowing new discoveries and comparing data originating from different research projects. As many more researchers share their data and use atlas based tools for data analysis, the community gets a better understanding of the complex organisation of brain cells and circuits. The Neural Systems laboratory, University of Oslo, has developed software tools to facilitate the registration of data to atlases and workflows to perform complete brain-wide analysis. Thanks to the support of the Human Brain Project and the EBRAINS research infrastructure, they provide a new version of the QuickNII tool containing the Unified Mouse brain atlas from the Kim group at Penn State University, USA.

It has been great to team up with the Neural Systems group. We look forward to continue disseminating our upcoming atlas resources through EBRAINS.

Dr. Yongsoo Kim

The QuickNII tool developed by Gergely Csùcs is part of the EBRAINS atlas services and the new Kim Unified mouse atlas will also be integrated in the remaining software tools of the analysis workflow.

We are happy to see the new atlas embedded in our tools and workflows. We have incorporated the Kim atlas based on requests from our users and will continue to deliver this service to the research community.

Dr. Maja Puchades
Coordinator of the group of neuroinformatics developers in the laboratory of Professor Jan Bjaalie at the University of Oslo

The QuickNII-Kim-v1 version can be downloaded here.

In the future, EBRAINS and the Neural Systems laboratory plan to add several more atlas resources, including developmental atlases, enabling new opportunities for sharing and analysis of brain data.

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