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Science and technology20 Nov 2023

Siibra-Explorer Tutorial: Zooming into a brain region of interest to the level of individual cells

Siibra Explorer Tutorial

What You’ll Learn

  • Selecting Your Region of Interest: Discover how to find specific areas of the human brain.
  • Navigating the Interface: Learn how to work with the Siibra-Explorer interface, making it easy to find and explore brain sections with high resolution.
  • Accessing High-Resolution Brain Sections: Uncover the steps to access high-resolution images, providing unprecedented detail for your research.
  • Analyzing Data: Dive into the advanced features of Siibra Explorer with a visual overlay of cortical layers, making it easy to localize cells in a brain region of interest.

Who Should Watch

  • Researchers and Scientists: Elevate your research with detailed, high-resolution brain sections tailored to your region of interest in whole-brain sections.
  • Students and Educators: Enhance your understanding of neuroanatomy by exploring the intricacies of the brain in unprecedented detail.
  • Brain Enthusiasts: Explore the human brain with Siibra Explorer.

Siibra-Explorer Tutorial: Zooming into a brain region of interest to the level of individual cells

Learn how to use Siibra-Explorer in this video tutorial.


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