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Programmatic interfaces

Build scripts, workflows and applications with EBRAINS atlases using Python and HTTP programming interfaces. The siibra toolsuite provides interfaces for accessing brain atlases in a number of ways, serving different neuroscientific usecases. While siibra-explorer is the software powering EBRAINS 3D atlas viewer, the toolsuite provides a comprehensive Python client (siibra-python) and an HTTP API (siibra-api) for including our brain atlases in reproducible and more complex workflows, or connecting them with directly with applications.


siibra-explorer is built around an interactive 3D view of the brain displaying a unique selection of detailed templates and parcellation maps for the human, macaque, rat or mouse brain, including BigBrain as a microscopic resolution human brain model at its full resolution of 20 micrometres.

Data analysis and visualisationBrain atlases


siibra-api is an HTTP API for querying and retrieving contents of EBRAINS atlases. Originally built as a backend service for the interactive atlas viewer siibra-explorer, the API has been documented for connecting the brain atlases to other applications and web services.

Brain atlases

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