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Multilevel Macaque Monkey Brain Atlas

3D anatomical atlas of the macaque monkey brain, integrating complementary structure, function, and connectivity at multiple spatial and temporal resolutions.

  • Explore the macaque brain's different dimensions - including cyto-, myelo- and receptor architecture and function.
  • Examine interindividual variability of functionally defined brain regions (e.g. probabilistic retinotopic maps).
  • Get easy access to multimodal data features for different brain regions.

The EBRAINS Monkey Brain Atlas is a comprehensive resource that provides in-depth insights into the anatomy, connectivity, and functions of the macaque monkey brain. It includes detailed information about the organization of the monkey brain at multiple levels, ranging from the microscopic level to the macroscopic level of the entire brain.

Explore the different facets of macaque brain organisation

The multilevel macaque brain builds on the MEBRAINS Template, a nonlinear symmetric population-based monkey template which reflects the macroanatomical scale as a unifying principle of organization.

The MEBRAINS Template can be used for the analysis of functional imaging and whole-brain connectivity studies, and also serves as anchorage for the MEBRAINS Cytoarchitectonic Maps, which are defined at the microscopic scale and constitute reference volumes of interest for anatomical assignment of neuroimaging signals.

Screenshot Macaque Monkey Brain Atlas

MEBRAINS Cytoarchitectonic Maps are complemented with information on the densities of 14 different receptors for multiple classical neurotransmitters, representing a mesoscopical scale of brain organisation. Thus, different brain regions are characterised by a growing selection of multimodal data features spanning multiple structural and time scales.

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siibra-explorer is built around an interactive 3D view of the brain displaying a unique selection of detailed templates and parcellation maps for the human, macaque, rat or mouse brain, including BigBrain as a microscopic resolution human brain model at its full resolution of 20 micrometres.

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siibra-api is an HTTP API for querying and retrieving contents of EBRAINS atlases. Originally built as a backend service for the interactive atlas viewer siibra-explorer, the API has been documented for connecting the brain atlases to other applications and web services.

Brain atlases

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