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Work with health data

EBRAINS provides researchers with different GDPR-compliant platforms to work with sensitive data at multi-scale levels.


Health Data Cloud (HDC) fully operational and GDPR-audited Virtual Research Environment (VRE), developed by Charité, serves EBRAINS users in a certified critical infrastructure.

A minimum viable product of the Health Data Cloud (HDC) is available for user testing at CSCS, the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.


Human Intracerebral EEG Platform

An open-source platform designed for large scale and optimised collection, storage, curation, sharing and analysis of multiscale Human iEEG data at the international level.


Medical Informatics Platform

EBRAINS provides the possibility for a project team or scientific consortium to install and use a federated data platform that provides an interface for various investigators (clinicians, neuroscientists, epidemiologists, researchers, health managers) to access and analyse aggregated, federated medical data stored in hospitals, research centers and public databases, without moving the data from their place of origin, and without infringing patient privacy.

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