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Unlock the potential of iEEG-based research

  • Gain quick and easy access to iEEG state-of-the-art analytical tools on a user-friendly interface
  • Participate to innovative collaborative iEEG-based research with your own data
  • Easily find other iEEG centers to collaborate on your own research project

The Human Intracerebral EEG Platform (HIP) is an open-source platform designed for collecting, managing, analyzing, and sharing iEEG data at an international level. Its primary mission is to promote the development of large-scale iEEG research projects by facilitating international collaborations in the field.

The HIP integrates state-of-the-art softwares, modules and services to best exploit iEEG data in a secure and optimized fashion. The interface is browser-based and allows selecting tools according to specific research needs. Users (within HIP authorized institutions) can handle their data privately or choose to share it for collaborative initiatives using 3 different workspaces:

  • Personal Space: User’s private space for uploading, storing, curating and analyzing data
  • Collaborative Space: Space for developing collaborative iEEG research projects, where iEEG data can be shared and homogeneously analyzed
  •  Public space: Space for sharing anonymized data with the general scientific community (available soon)

HIP Network

The HIP network is connecting a growing number of hospitals and research centers across the world involved in collaborative projects.

Human Intracerebral EEG Platform Network
HIP network of hospitals and research centers

Co-funded by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI

SERI Funding

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