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We are in the process of creating a future Swiss Node of the European EBRAINS infrastructure for neuroscience and health research.    

A Swiss Node could offer:   

  • A strong and collaborative network of neuroscience researchers and clinicians in Switzerland   
  • The opportunity to bring and showcase Switzerland’s services to a wider European and international research and clinical audience   
  • A federated computing infrastructure, providing access to supercomputing resources and large-scale storage   
  • Training opportunities for students and early career researchers.   

In order to set-up the Swiss Node, a Task Force with representatives from all the main neuroscience and clinical centres in Switzerland has been formed. Through consultation across Switzerland, the Task Force will be able to start shaping the future Swiss Node in the coming months. One of the main actions of the Task Force will be to identify tools and services in Switzerland that would benefit from affiliation/integration into the EBRAINS ecosystem.    

EBRAINS was launched in 2021. Its current services are available at and their use is free. In addition to accessing the underlying open-source software and web-enabled services, there is access to supercomputing resources. Tools and services are continuously being added to the EBRAINS platform and we hope to integrate those from the Swiss community in the future. 

Switzerland Institutions

  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

    EPFL Logo
  • Lausanne University Hospital

    Lausanne University Hospital Logo

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