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Declaration to Promote Equity and Inclusion in Brain Sciences

The ALBA Network, founded by leading neuroscientists, is a global network that aims to create a more inclusive environment for researchers in the brain sciences. 

One of the network's primary objectives is to address implicit bias and workplace culture, two contributing factors to the perpetual underrepresentation of certain groups in STEM fields. To that end, the ALBA Declaration on Equity and Inclusion provides a framework of evidence-based actions that individuals and organisations can take to promote equity and inclusivity in the workplace.

EBRAINS' endorsement of the ALBA declaration underscores its commitment to promoting equity and diversity in the brain sciences. By signing the declaration, EBRAINS reaffirms its pledge to address implicit bias and continuously improve workplace culture. EBRAINS wants to continue to foster a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture for all team members, regardless of their background or identity. 

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