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HealthData@EU Pilot

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) pilot project (HealthData@EU pilot) has been set up to create and test a first version of the European Health Data Space for secondary use.

The EHDS seeks to address the challenges associated with health data sharing in the EU – such as lack of interoperability and unclear legal systems – by establishing a health data sharing framework that will benefit patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers, and industry.

EBRAINS is part of the consortium which will build the first version of the future European Health Data Space (EHDS) and contributes as a data provider platform, IT infrastructure; it supports the project by providing IT security, metadata catalogues, data quality and interoperability.

Co-funded By the EU

Project partners

  • Health Data Hub

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    EBRAINS Logo
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  • Sciensano

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  • Findata

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  • Health Data Lab

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  • Norwegian Directorate of eHealth

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  • National Directorate General for Hospitals

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  • Croatian Institute of Public Health

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  • Aragon Health Sciences Institute

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  • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

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  • European Medicines Agency

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  • Orphanet

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  • European Public Health Association

    European Public Health Association
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  • Spanish Ministry of Health

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