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The Human Brain Project hosts a rich web-based 3D atlas viewer („NeHuBa“), that is capable of displaying very large brain volumes, including oblique slicing, a whole brain overview, surface meshes, and maps. It allows to interactively choose different template spaces and reference parcellations, find brain areas by name or visual selection, and browse additional region-specific multimodal data. The rendering of large volumetric data builds on the opensource project neuroglancer. Some important atlases and templates can be directly accessed, including the „Big Brain“ (Amunts et al., Science 2013) the JulichBrain cytoarchitectonic atlas and the Waxholm Space Atlas of the Sprague Dawley Rat Brain.

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The EBRAINS Collaboratory offers researchers and developers a secure environment to work with others. You control the level of collaboration by sharing your projects with specific users, teams or all of the Internet. Many researchers are sharing their work already; several services, tools, datasets, and other resources are publicly available, and many more are available for registered users.

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Human Brain Atlas

The EBRAINS multilevel human brain atlas provides detailed information on anatomy, connectivity, and function. It links macroanatomical concepts and their intersubject variability with measurements of the microstructural composition and intrinsic variance of brain regions.

Brain atlases


Ilastik is a simple, user-friendly tool for interactive image classification, segmentation and analysis. It is built as a modular software framework, which currently has workflows for automated (supervised) pixel- and object-level classification, automated and semi automated object tracking, semi-automated segmentation and object counting without detection. Most analysis operations are performed lazily, which enables targeted interactive processing of data subvolumes, followed by complete volume analysis in offline batch mode. Using it requires no experience in image processing.

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