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A viewer that allows users to view brain atlasses on top of a 3d brain model. The Brain Atlas Viewer allows users to inspect the location and shape of different brain regions and their associated function. Brain regions can be selected by anatomy or by function. Descriptions are available in English, Arabic, Hebrew, and German.
Regions are annotated with their function. TVB Brain Atlas Viewer is an interactive software that can be operated via touch screen. It was part of the HBP Travelling Exhibition that started in July 2019 at Bloomfield Museum in Jerusalem organized by the HBP Museum Program (SP11).

An overview over TVB-on-EBRAINS services is provided in the preprint

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A MATLAB® toolbox that given a three-dimensional spine reconstruction computes a set of characteristic morphological measures that unequivocally determine the spine shape.

Modelling and simulation


Arbor is a high-performance library for computational neuroscience simulations with multi-compartment, morphologically-detailed cells, from single cell models to very large networks. Arbor is written from the ground up with many-cpu and gpu architectures in mind, to help neuroscientists effectively use contemporary and future HPC systems to meet their simulation needs. Arbor supports NVIDIA and AMD GPUs as well as explicit vectorization on CPUs from Intel (AVX, AVX2 and AVX512) and ARM (Neon and SVE). When coupled with low memory overheads, this makes Arbor an order of magnitude faster than the most widely-used comparable simulation software. Arbor is open source and openly developed, and we use development practices such as unit testing, continuous integration, and validation.

Modelling and simulationCellular level simulation


BluePyEfe aims at easing the process of reading experimental recordings and extracting batches of electrical features from these recordings. To do so, it combines trace reading functions and features extraction functions from the eFel library. BluePyEfe outputs protocols and features files in the format used by BluePyOpt for neuron electrical model building.

Modelling and simulation

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