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Detailed atlases of the human, monkey, rat and mouse brain

EBRAINS offers detailed atlases for the human, macaque monkey, rat, and mouse brain. These atlases provide comprehensive maps of brain regions defined based on structure, function and neural connections. As spatial reference systems for neuroscience, they are essential for understanding the complexity of the healthy brain, studying brain disorders and seeking to develop new treatments.

Human Brain Atlas

The EBRAINS multilevel human brain atlas provides detailed information on anatomy, connectivity, and function. It links macroanatomical concepts and their intersubject variability with measurements of the microstructural composition and intrinsic variance of brain regions.

Brain atlases

Mouse Brain Atlas

The Allen mouse brain atlas is a comprehensive digital resource that provides detailed information on the structure and function of the mouse brain. A wide range of structural and functional experimental data mapped to the Allen mouse brain atlas are shared via the EBRAINS research infrastructure.

Brain atlases

Rat Brain Atlas

The Waxholm Space rat brain atlas is a detailed volumetric atlas of the rat brain, to which a wide range of anatomical and functional data have been registered, including detailed data showing cellular distributions, axonal pathways, and gene expression patterns. EBRAINS provides a visualization interface, enabling researchers to explore and compare different aspects of the rat brain in 3D space.

Brain atlases

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