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Frites - Framework for information theoretical analysis of electrophysiological data and statistics

Frites allows the characterisation of task-related cognitive brain networks. Neural correlates of cognitive functions can be extracted both at the single brain area (or channel) and network level. The toolbox includes time-resolved directed (e.g., Granger causality) and undirected (e.g., Mutual Information) Functional Connectivity metrics. In addition, it includes cluster-based and permutation-based statistical methods for single-subject and group-level inference.

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A SciUnit library for data-driven testing of basal ganglia models. Employed for testing via the HBP Validation Framework. This test shall take as input a BluePyOpt optimized output file, containing a hall_of_fame.json file specifying a collection of parameter sets. The validation test would then evaluate the model for all (or specified) parameter sets against various eFEL features.

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Collaborative Brain Wave Analysis Pipeline

The pipeline ingests data from multiple measurement types of spatially organized neuronal activity, such as ECoG or calcium imaging recordings. The pipeline returns statistical measures to quantify the dynamic wave-like activity patterns found in the data. Individual parts of the snakemake-based pipeline are fully configurable. The composition of Cobrawap elements can be adapted to various datasets through by means of a modular design of self-contained sequential stages composed of multiple atomic blocks.

Validation and inference


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