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Web application for viewing and annotating series of high-resolution 2D images registered to atlas

  • Visualisation of experimental histological section images with atlas overlay
  • Display of the atlas region name when pointing the mouse at the region of interest
  • Annotations and extraction of coordinate points when enabled

LocaliZoom allows the viewing and exploring of high-resolution images with superimposed atlas overlays, and the extraction of coordinates of annotated points within those images for viewing in 3D brain atlas space. It is well suited for the extraction of a limited number of coordinates, e.g. representing an electrode track or labelling within a small region of interest.


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MeshView is a web application for real-time 3D display of surface mesh data representing structural parcellations from volumetric atlases, such as the Waxholm Space Atlas of the Sprague Dawley Rat Brain.

Data analysis and visualisation

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