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EBRAINS’ ambition is to enable breakthroughs in different areas of brain science. We are proud to be part of several game-changing projects and initiatives, in which we join forces with leading institutions to achieve tangible results and outcomes. If you’re interested in working with us on specific projects, different possibilities exist. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Accelerating brain research and innovation

Advancing our scientific understanding of the brain

The combination of big data and digital tools to help unravel the complexity of the brain are crucial to advancing modern neuroscience and accelerating innovation. EBRAINS is bringing its cutting-edge “virtual brain” expertise to several major initiatives.

Making brain health a public health priority

Deliver improved diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain

With populations ageing globally and a rise in brain health conditions, there is a critical need to advance new treatment solutions for neurological diseases. EBRAINS is key to generating the necessary synergy between research efforts that are often fragmented, across nations and between different scientific disciplines.

  • GreenDIGIT

    Greener Future Digital Research Infrastructures
    EU Funded
    GreenDIGIT Logo
  • EHDS

    HealthData@EU Pilot
    EU Funded
    Health Data EU Pilot Logo
  • WHO

    Pan-European Mental Health Coalition
    Collaborative initiative
Translating brain knowledge into technological advances

Translating brain knowledge into technological advances

Neurotechnology is another area which can benefit from EBRAINS advanced tools and services, and several projects are underway that can help change the lives of people living with brain disorders.

  • TEF-Health

    Developing a reference testing facility for AI solutions in healthcare
    EU Funded
    TEF-Health Logo

    Personalised Health cognitive assistance for RehAbilatation SystEm
    EU Funded
    Photo of the PHRASE project
  • AISN

    Integrating AI in Stroke Neurorehabilitation
    EU Funded
    AISN Logo

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